December 21st, 2007


(no subject)

Neat! A major library book club apparently just bought the rights to print 7300 hardcover copies of Nurk!

...apparently this is good. (I have no freakin' clue, but my editor says it's fantastic news, and my buddy Deb, the romance writer, concurs,  so, um...yay!)

...See above post about success and dumb luck.

(no subject) is good.

I have hot cider and the latest Robin McKinley, I have eaten an excellent and fattening meal, my agent just got off the phone with what will hopefully be some promising leads (she's talking to a lot of film people about various things, a notion which strikes me as simultaneously thrilling and patently absurd, but hey, you never know) the aforementioned book club thing, the Hama Sutra should have no trouble getting published, I have finished shipping out my pre-vacation prints, and I am at peace with the cosmos.

Also, "Chronicles of Riddick" is on. And c'mon, Vin Diesel makes EVERYTHING better.

Also, my feet smell like cucumber foot lotion. Which is actually a rather pleasant smell. And Ben is in Snugglemonster mode. It is a good day.