April 6th, 2008


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You guys amaze me. Seriously. I mean, I actually got choked up at my keyboard last night. *sniffle* I'm not sure what I did to deserve such wonderful friends, but damn, I love you guys.

I have the best blog-readers in the business, and I'll personally get into hand-to-hand combat with anybody who tries to claim otherwise.

(As of noon today, we've cut the tax bill by a third. I am in friggin' awe.) 

Life Imitates Art

So for years now, people have been telling me that Red Wombat Tea would be really cool, and I've been saying something to the effect of "Are you nuts? Making the labels is the EASY bit!"

And I still maintain that I was correct, which is why I'm so pleased that the incomparable Ellen Million is making it happen!* Yup--looks like with a little luck, you'll soon be able to order Red Wombat Tea! (Not yet. Not for a little bit. This is more of an announcement of cool things to come. Watch this space, I'll letcha know as soon as it actually goes on sale.)

So, to that end, have a tentative label design for the black tea!

Dead Dragon Breakfast Blend

*Ellen is flat out amazing, have I mentioned this lately?

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Whew--took a nap and had a nasty nightmare. "Oh god!" I thought miserably partway through, "if only this were a bad dream!"

Then my brain paused and said "Really, are you sure it isn't?" and I woke myself up.

Presumably this was just a balance to the otherwise fabulous day I'm having--getting art done, Ben appears to be feeling marginally better (Angus is getting it now, but the vet told me to expect that...) and my readers continue to rock my world/

I comfort myself with the thought that if this outfit actually existed, I'd totally want one. (Artist's other work may be NSFW.)

(I like cruising Etsy when I have no money...it's cooler than E-bay, and since the prices are set, there is no chance that I may try to buy something I really don't need for ninety-nine cents. Plus, I mean, steampunk jewelry galore!)

And now back to hammering out tea labels...