April 13th, 2008


(no subject)

Okay, I can tell I have PMS. My patience with that Orphaned Art crap has bottomed out--getting REALLY sick of the DA notes, my replies get terser and less courteous*--and I think I just snapped at a commenter for spreading the urban legend that lemmings throw themselves off cliffs.

I was growling something to the effect of "Goddamn Disney, goddamn Wonderful World of goddamn lemmings goddamn--" when it occurred to me to run off the checklist.

Irritable over stupid stuff?** Check.
Vague brooding over old slights? Check.
Time of month? Smidge early, but check.

Now the real test, of course, is whether I burst into tears when I see that billboard with the Dalai Lama on it out on Highway 1. Embarrassing, but there y'are...

Oh well, it'll pass off soon enough.

*And the fact I'm replying at all says something, since normally I'd just ignore it...

**Now, this would be perfectly okay if it was about something IMPORTANT, like young earth creationism, abortion rights, Bigfoot, etc, but "lemming misinformation" is a second-tier concern, like politics and religion.