April 20th, 2008


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I'm starting to think I require some kind of life notification system. Unfortunately, the sort I need doesn't seem to be something I can program into a computer.

Therefore, O Readership, let the record show that I need to know the following:

When my clothes are on inside out.
When a new album is released by Tool, Firewater, Nick Cave, or Tom Waits.
If there is a sock stuck to my back.
When a new book comes out by Pratchett, McKinley, Marillier, Bujold, Tepper, Bill Bryson or Mary Roach. (NPR has been covering that last pretty well.)
Anything involving Daylight Savings Time.
If, for whatever reason, I have forgotten to wear pants. (Rare, but has been known to happen.)
That the con is next weekend. (The con is ALWAYS next weekend.)
If my tires are flat.
If things are hanging off my car that are not supposed to be there.
That there is paint/bits of gold leaf stuck to visible parts of my anatomy. (Mind you, I may not care...)
When there is a decent kung fu movie in the theatre.

This was precipitated by the fact that there has apparently been a new Nick Cave album out for some little time and I only learned this today...

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I had been planning on doing this painting for awhile, and then sometime Friday it hit between the eyes as the painting I was doing Right This Minute. Possibly the clutch of turkey vultures (or whatever you call them) by the side of the road happily dismembering something in the tall grass that I saw t'other day had something to do with it.

Klimt's Vulture

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Okay, gang!

I have realized that it's time to overhaul the website. The universe poked me in the eye a few times saying "DOITDOITDOIT" and never let it be said I can't take a hint when it falls on me from a great height.

Other than a shopping cart system, and obviously a prettier site design, and easily accessible links to all my weirdo random projects/products for sale/etc, is there anything you'd like to see? RSS feed from the blog? Litter-box cam? What sorta thing would you prefer?

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Totally random look-what-I-found sketch dump...

Voodoo Illos

The tiles were meant to be printed very small, and so would probably make good icons--people are welcome to help themselves.

Rat Tile
Rabbit Tile
Monkey Tile
Rooster Tile
Snake Tile
Ox Tile
Dragon Tile

and, uh, holy crap, how long has this been done and I just never bothered to upload it? (Minimum three years...I think it would up as an album cover for...err...somebody...)

Three Demons