April 21st, 2008


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I was in the vague hinterlands of sleep--mmm, I could get up, but I don't wanna, maybe if I snuggle up to the warm thing* in the bed I can fall back asleep, sleep is gooooood, it can't be that late, the alarm hasn't gone off, will it go off? it's a new alarm clock maybe it isn't programmed oh who the hell cares we like sleep, yesss my precious--when the UPS guy pounded on the door.

"Mail?" I said groggily, staggering out of bed.

"Take a robe," said Kevin, who has learned by this time about my tendency to forget the little details.**

"Right, right...."

Medium sized box, very heavy, I don't recall ordering...HEY! Harcourt?

And lo! My author's copies of Nurk have arrived! Woot!

Quite a few copies, and I'm wondering what to do with 'em all (which I always wonder, right before they all vanish...)  I'm stoked.

Then I went back to bed, and then the alarm went off, except it wasn't coming from the nightstand, it was coming from...the trash. Where I had thrown the old alarm clock, bane of my existence. My old alarm clock was dreadful, and god, will I never be rid of this thing?!

It wouldn't shut up. I almost sent it beeping to the landfill, was dissuaded by the words "bomb squad" and dug through a full trash bag to find and disarm the damn thing. (I seriously considered using a hammer.) And now it is out of my misery.

So really it was a mixed bag of a morning, but hey, all's well that ends well. And I can always nap.

*Kevin, in this case, who is a far more efficient space heater than Ben, and mysteriously does not seem to occupy nearly as much space.

**He also scored both geek and boyfriend points by promptly programming the new alarm clock so that I would wake up to NPR instead of the dull ZZZEEEEP ZZEEEEP ZZZEEEP of doom.

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Say, does anybody know anything about "MyPSPtubes.com" as a licensing group? They've been sending me some e-mails that they get requests, and it'd be nice to actually make a profit off the tubing thing...

Wallpaper Contest

Okay...here's a very silly idea, but what the heck. People keep suggesting silly contests. Thinking of offering some free wallpapers for downloads, and I'm not that good at design. Also, I have 24 author copies, and even after I give them to all my relatives and donate a couple to libraries, I'm suspect I'm still gonna be sitting on a pile, unless I start selling them at cons or something.

So! Here's your chance, gang! Win a free signed author's copy of Nurk! Make a wallpaper out of one of my paintings/comics/whatever, slice and dice at will, and submit it here before...um....let's say Friday, Friday the 25th is a nice date. First place gets a signed author's copy, second and third (and/or more, depending on whether I'm overwhelmed with uber-awesome entries) gets a signed print of the cover art for Nurk. The wallpapers in question will be put up on the new metalandmagic.com (whenever it comes into being) for download, with appropriate credit given to the winner (actually, if you could put that on the wallpaper, that'd be even better!)

It can be pretty much anything related to a project of mine--Digger, Elf vs. Orc, Little Creature, random painting--don't care, have fun, I'm more interested in cool visual design than anything in particular.

With my usual total lack of planning for any kind of response, I'll probably judge these myself, unless I wind up with some ridiculously high number, in which case I may go to voting, or just rope my long-suffering friends into helping me.

Just make sure the www.metalandmagic.com bit is somewhere on the wallpaper, and we're all good! E-mail submissions in jpg format to ursulav (at) metalandmagic.com with the subject "Wallpaper Contest" or just send a link to it somewhere else--DA, wherever--and....um...I hope this isn't a totally absurd idea...


You may submit as many entries as you like.

Make it the big size. You know, the 1024 x thingy or bigger--we can always scale down.

You may post these in your own galleries, no problem, just mention me somewhere, and we're all good...

CSI: Blog

*cue a Who song. Any Who song.*

Okay, gang, time to harness your mental powers. We have a murder mystery on our hands, and birding may be involved.

Collapse )

ETA: We have confirmation! Double-checking, and a trip by Dad to the local library, indicates that there were TWO puncture marks on one side of the neck, and one on the other, which is apparently a Great Horned Owl modus operandi. (The owl grabs with one foot, using one claw as a "thumb.") Dad speculates that the owl killed the dog, then was startled off by the neighbor dog or something.

He thanks y'all for the help and insight, which confirmed his suspicions that there's owls in them thar hills.