May 23rd, 2008


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Just when life seems really crappy, my friends and fanbase start makin' me realize how much I love 'em.

To the couple people who've sent me extra for the unexpected shipping surcharges on the Taxman--damnit, you guys don't have to do that, but your willingness to help save me from my own stupidity was sweet as hell.

To the bidders on my auctions--daaaayum, people!

And to my buddy Carl who sent me a couple of books for my birthday...thanks, man. That was really nice to get today. *sniffle*

And, of course, to my dear friend eridan, who took my moping about recent developments and started sending me links to RVs that I could convert into a mobile art studio/fortress, which wasn't all that useful, but did cheer me up immensely. (I have visions of touring the country, but we all know I'd just find a nice state park in the area, buy a season pass, and park.)

And to alchemist, just...cos...y'know.

Writing Snippet!

A buddy of mine reminded me that this existed...he was asking about the House of Red Fireflies, and I remembered I had a story about the golem girl somewhere. I hadn't remembered that it was finished, though--I think I had a vague notion that there was something else I wanted to do with it, something rather darker that took place behind the Door, but with a little perspective, I see this is an origin story, and it doesn't belong in here, and anyway, I'm not sure if the golem's the one to do it with. I don't see myself writing ceramic snuff. *cough*

Possibly the djinneyeh's story. She at least has opinions. On the other hand, I don't know if I'm the one to write that one...well, anyway.

On the third hand, possibly this story was just too much like the mandrake girl's, and I couldn't figure out how to make it different.

Well, that's all neither here nor there. In the meantime--have the golem girl's story!

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If you want other tidbits about the House of Red Fireflies, which I'll do something with one of these days, I swear...maybe I should just make it an open world, which is something I've thought about, set a few things as canon and let people play with it all they want, since I can't really explore it all myself, and it's wide open enough that it would lend itself well to, what was I saying? Oh, yeah. Links!

The House of Red Fireflies    (Non DA Link)
The Mandrake Girl     (Non DA Link)
Kingfisher    (Non DA Link)
Golem Girl