August 4th, 2008


More Than You Wanted To Know

Much as I miss Kevin, it may be best for all that I was sleeping alone last night, as the Huevos Rancheros I had yesterday have proved to have...let us say...remarkable continued presence. (They were GOOD, but heavy on the black beans.)

Note to self: Avoid enclosed spaces today.


As moving time looms off on the horizon, I find myself contemplating Things That I Will Miss. I feel a bittersweet pang. I press my hand to my somewhat-sore-because-that-time-of-month-always-does-that-to-me bosom. I gaze longingly off into the middle distance.

And then again, at two in the morning when the guy next door is playing his music so loud that I can distinguish lyrics (no mean feat through the throbbing base) I find myself contemplating Things That I Won't Miss At All.

It's good to keep these things in perspective.

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