November 12th, 2008


See, this is why it works...

At some point in the small hours of the morning, Kevin was getting dressed for work and I woke up enough to open one eye.

Kevin: Hey.
Ursula: I had a dream that I had a fortune cookie, and the fortune said "Love is the best suit, but a chrysanthemum suit keeps you drier."
Kevin: ....
Kevin: (to the cat) You better not go cuddle with her, Angus. She's obviously lost her mind.
Ursula: Shut up, it's genius....zzzzzz.....

A few minutes later, he finished pulling his boots on, sighed, and said "Once more into the breach!"

Ursula: Hrrrzzzgh.
Kevin:  I love you.
Ursula: zzzrgghh...Love you....
Kevin: Have a good day. I hope you find a chrysanthemum suit.
Ursula: I hope you don't meet the same fate as the Light Brigade.
Kevin: ...
Ursula: zzzzzzzzzzzzz

I'm pretty sure all that really happened, but I wasn't completely awake, so take it with a grain of salt.


More ACEOs!

Two more ACEOs, and two more ACEO auctions. The price point for these seems to be right around $30, so that's probably what I'll be charging for the originals in the future, but I figured I'd do one more batch, since one's handpainted and all.

ACEO -- Send Tea
Send Tea Auction

ACEO -- Winged Phalloi (Mature content. I think.)
Non-DA link
Winged Phalloi Auction

And heck, time to give this a try--I'm offering a limited edition print of the Winged Phalloi piece, because I find it amusing. The prints are equally wee (I cannot swear up down and sideways that they are exactly 2.5 x 3.5, as I'm having to cut these by hand, but they're in that ballpark, and have a thin white border.) I b'lieve I can probably risk my fingertips to the paper cutter in order to make twenty of them. So--LE of 20, signed, dated, and numbered on the back by the artist,'s start it at $10 apiece, plus $3.50 US shipping, or $5 international. I have no idea how fast these will go, or if anybody will want one, so we'll do the usual First Come, First Serve thing--post below in the comments, then send me an e-mail. I always save out the first and last of the edition, so the first eighteen commenters who say "I want one!" get one.

And if there's some kind of unforeseen crazed demand for these things, we'll come up with another method next time for people in other time zones and whatnot.

ETA: Phalloi are now officially sold out! Thank you all for the interest--please send me an e-mail at ursulav (at) to claim your phalloi. Include the name you commented under here, if you would, so that my recordkeeping squares, and we're all good!


(no subject)

filthspigot  and I should not be allowed to communicate. She eggs me on. She tries to convince me that I could totally sell 500 winged phalloi plushies (the minimum order, and no, I really couldn't, although it's a helluva deal to get them made...) 

And then she starts talking about Valentine's Day cards....


Phalloi With Heart

...I am having way too much fun with these things to be healthy.

Also, go read her essay on why Obama should not get a Goldendoodle, because it's hysterical (and I've met the dog. She does not exaggerate.)