February 17th, 2010


(no subject)

Early morning...hot tea, shower, sit down to computer, poke internet.

Spam, spam, spam, contact form, contact form, spam, Amazon spam for Attack of the Ninja Frogs, spam...

Wait, what?

*scroll scroll scroll*

...they spent me spam. For my own book.


I've never bought any of my own books from Amazon, but there it is, along with a pre-order for Curse of the Were-Wiener* and some of the Lunch Lady books (the Lunch Lady guy is seriously awesome, by the way, and you should buy his stuff.) I confess a vague temptation to go in and check the "I own it!" box next to Were-Wiener, since I am one of the only two people on earth who can say that right now, but I should probably get some actual work done instead.


*See what I did thar? Marketing! I haz it!