February 21st, 2010


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Still fooling around with gel medium. And rabbits.

Verdigris Rabbit

I thought this one was a companion piece to the Wolf-Ate-Them rabbit--I started them at the same time--but it's incredible how much the difference between the shiny transparent surface and the opaque matte one changed my perception of the piece. So I guess it's related. I'd say they're in the same series, but if I call it a series it will immediately cease to exist and I will be compelled to build peacocks out of chewing gum or something, so let's not go there.

Gorman's Rabbit

The pastel pencils I used on this one were a Ziploc bag full sent to me by my mother, when I was in college. I was probably eighteen and taking an art class with pastels, and I was really liking them, so Mom sent me a bunch that she didn't use. Fourteen years later, despite eight moves, a divorce, and a whole lot of reckless purging of possessions, I still have them, and they turned out to be what I needed for this piece.

And I just saw a mourning cloak butterfly. Winter may not be ready to leave, but I hold out hope that it is looking for its coat and making its farewells.