June 17th, 2010


Gardening Achievements

After my flippant comment t’other day, now I’m trying to think of new “Gardener Achievements.”  (Hey, everybody else gets them…)

Rudimentary Green Thumb — Grow something that doesn’t die.

Localvore — Eat a vegetable you grew yourself.

Roots — Grow a root vegetable. (This is really a whole ‘nother level of commitment than a potted pepper.  I still haven’t got this one, although I hold out hopes for the garlic.)

Resurrection — Have a perennial return the next spring.

Really Localvore — Eat a meal primarily composed of stuff from your garden.

Eat Your Yard — Find some edible weed you didn’t plant. Eat it.

Plant Doctor — Figure out what’s wrong with a plant. Fix it.

Host Plant — have caterpillars host on one of your plants.

Butterfly Attractant – Attract at least three species of butterfly. (Presumably this one would keep going up, maybe to 10 and 20, perhaps topping at the rare and coveted “Butterfly Master” where you get every species known to occur in your region.)

and specifically:

The Monarch — Host a monarch caterpillar.

Snake (Non)Handler — Provide habitat enough to sustain a snake.

Life  Comes To Frogtown– Provide habitat to sustain a frog.

Bird Nursey — have birds raise young in your garden.

Organic Gardener I — Go a year without pesticides or inorganic fertilizer. (Again, would stack.)

Localvore From The Other Direction — Fertilize with manure from local livestock.

Closed Circle — Fertilize with manure from your own livestock.

Noah’s Ark – Plant or host a species endangered in your region.

I’m Not Drunk, Officer — use your own or your significant other’s bladder in an effort to ward off deer.

…I could go on in this vein for hours, but I won’t. Your achievement suggestions welcome (and they certainly don’t have to be ones you’ve done yourself–I haven’t done a lot of these myself…)

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Okay, Can't Resist

I'm telling you, it's addictive.

The Germinator
-- Start a plant from seed

You Fool, You've Doomed Us All -- Plant a zucchini

Little Yard on the Prairie -- plant or restore a native prairie planting (small scale)

Day of the Triffids -- successfully grow a carnivorous plant

Great Things In Small Packages -- Unlock 5 achievements in a rooftop or balcony garden

Contain Yourself -- Unlock 5 achievements in a container garden

Go Native -- plant 5 native species (would stack, perhaps at percentages of plants, 25% native, 50% native, etc...)

-- ID 50 separate species of plant and animal in your garden (This would probably have to stack at 100 and 200 as well...)

Weedslayer -- Pull 50 weeds

Long-Term Planning -- plant a tree

Size Matters -- successfully grow a plant more than six feet tall or six feet wide

I'd do icons or something, but there's way too many potential achievements...nor do I have any idea of a fun way to track them. (Icons on a website sidebar, with mouseover text?) Maybe it needs an iPhone app or something.