November 9th, 2010


Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…

"Red" 5 x 5

NaNoFiMo proceeds apace, although I have actually spent more time working on the next Dragonbreath than on the stuff I was meaning to finish.  Still, Campbreath does have to get done by January 3rd, and if I end the month with that manuscript written and only one of my other three goals finished, I’m not gonna cry too bitterly.  And I’ve gotten another 2K or so dropped on the Thing With The Goblins. (Hardly anything on the Thing With The Birds, alas.) But the month is still young!

Although it seems to be screaming by at a truly shocking rate. Dude. Mind you, this whole year has been stupidly rapid, and I have a glum feeling that this is just the pace of my life now and days will not slow down at all and I will soon be in a nursing home going “Wait! Wait! Wasn’t it just June 2014 just a minute ago?”

Prior to that, however, have some quick art that was laying around and didn’t get scanned and didn’t get scanned and HOW IS IT NOVEMBER ALREADY!?


One nice thing about it being November is that the weather has finally decided that it is fall, which means I get to break out some of my fingerless gloves and wear scarves, which I delight in, as this means I have two more sources of completely inappropriate unmatched color! So when I write in the coffee shops now, between the wild socks and the dead-muppet scarf and the fingerless gloves and the patchwork jacket, I probably look a bit like a colorblind magpie.

Which is fine. I am an artist. I get to be eccentric, even if I don’t have a lot of money. I save looking classy for book signings and gallery openings. Nobody knows who I am at the coffee shop.

One less than nice thing about the weather is that this is the season of Really Dry Skin, so I just broke into my very last jar of Villainess “Smashing” body creme and slathered down.  I smell a bit like a Red Hot.

"Owlet" 3 x 5

Anyway, the originals of these are for sale cheap on the Originals for Sale page–they’re too small to do as prints, I fear, but they’re quick little sillinesses anyway.

ETA: "Red" sold! Man, I gotta do more of those...I always forget how much people dig the little shiba-inu dogs, and then I feel bad when I have to tell multiple people no, somebody got there first...

ETA: And there goes "Owlet!" Thanks, guys! 

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