November 16th, 2010


How I Got An Agent, Revealed!

Okay, since a couple people asked, I will tell you the story of How Ursula Got Her Agent.

I will say first, however, that this is not normal.

In fact, it was such a stroke of stupid dumb luck that I kinda feel bad telling this story because it’s sort of like telling the story of how you found a suitcase full of small unmarked bills and went out and bought a car with it–-it’s amusing, but it’s also such bizarre and undeserved good fortune that anybody in the audience is more than welcome to hate me for it, and I will understand and sympathize and add that I probably deserve such.

It is, however, rather typical of how my life goes, particularly since the dominant note in the whole thing is my profound ignorance of what was going on.


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The Hare In The Road


Mixed Media on board 9 x 12, ready to hang

It never failed, Erasmus thought. Not only was there a hare in the road, blocking his path and making him late…but they were wearing the same hat.


…I have no idea. It was a technique experiment, and I had this doodle of a really stupid looking dinosaur and one thing led to another…

(The technique in question really would probably work better on a bigger scale–can’t get fine enough detail at 9 x 12 for my tastes, and I kept scraping up the paint with the point of the colored pencil, which was incredibly aggravating. Need to let the gesso cure longer, I suppose.  But I do like the dinosaur.)

Anyway! Original is for sale, drop a line for pricing and availability, prints available.

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.