November 21st, 2010


Crazy bird day…

Lots and lots of birds in the garden this morning–clear cold days always seem to bring them out in force. In addition to the usual suspects–doves, titmice, chickadees, Carolina wrens–the juncos have finally moved in in force, and been joined by the little brown sparrows that poke around through the leaves and grass. (On good days when I am ambitious I ID them. Today I am not ambitious.) There’s even a brown creeper skulking up successive trunks.

Those aren’t that unusual. What’s odd is that in the space of five minutes I saw a bluebird, a mockingbird, and a flicker, which are all common birds–but not in my yard! Generally they hang out in the subdivision on the other side of the trees. Apparently the fact that all the leaves have fallen alerted them that there’s, y’know, a yard back there! Possibly with yummy stuff! (Except for the flicker, who was probably just passing through–the tree cover is sufficiently dense that maybe I just don’t see them through the leaves other times of year.)

Or maybe they just like more open areas with clear lines of sight. Also possible. The bluebird popped into the hole in the woodpecker stand where the red-bellied woodpeckers had their babies. He might have been scouting a new home for next year–they scout VERY early–but it seems like an odd sort of spot for a bluebird.

Clearly time to lay in more birdseed…

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