November 30th, 2010


More birds!

Absolutely crazy with birds out there right now–there are juncos landing on the roof a foot from my window and staring in at me like “Oh, hmm, look at that,” before going back to picking tidbits out of the rain gutters. A large mixed flock of juncos, sparrows, and yellow rumped warblers seemed to have descended on the yard, with some support by the usual suspects, plus a phoebe, a couple of bluebirds, a brown-headed nuthatch and a crazy-eyed brown thrasher. Titmice are going in and out of the bluebird box I put up last year–I’m guessing they’re using it as a perch box, since it’s never been of interest to bluebirds.  Everywhere you look in the leaf litter, there’s some little bird kicking and scruffling around.  And clearly I need to clean out the bird baths, which have filled up with leaves, since they’re all drinking out of the little frog pond. (Backyard too–they’re going in and out of the leaf litter and the big tangle of dead honeysuckle and dormant wild grape that covers the fence.)

Quite a day out there, quite a day…

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A Paltry Affair (Eastern Phoebe)

8 x 8 mixed media

My collage-y neurosis eventually gave way to this. I dunno about the framing elements, but I had a lot of fun with the phoebe, which is painted on wet-media acetate. It’s kind of a neat surface once you get used to it–I used Pitt pens for most of it, and since there’s very little adherence, I kept pushing the pigment around with the pens. So eventually I put the pens around and pulled out the needle tool I used on Sculpey years back (seriously, one of the most useful things you can have around the studio) and did a scratchboard style technique to across the bird’s back and to pick up the highlights on the branch. Really like the effect, and will probably fool with it again (and anyway, I bought a pad of a dozen sheets…)

Although now that I think of it, the bird’s tail should be a bit longer. It looks more like a flycatcher like this. Damnit.

Anyway, prints available, as usual, and the original is for sale–drop a line if interested, etc!

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