January 2nd, 2012


Owl Mask 2

Seriously, that styrafoam head should be here ANY DAY NOW.
(Someday, my styrafoam head will arrive...SOME DAY!)

Another take at the owl design, but this time I wanted to try something close to realism. And...honestly, it's much easier. This may just be because of my particular background, I grant you, but there is a kind of ruthless perfection demanded by extreme stylization, whereas if you realize something's a trifle off center with a more realistic paint job, a bit of paint and some scumbling can fix it up.

Still, I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. I pushed the eyebrows much harder in this one, and they come out and down much more strongly than the last one.

This is a very large mask--it extends well out from the face and doesn't flatten against it at all, which I think works here because, y'know, owls....but I'm going to have to try some smaller bird masks that conform more closely to the head. If I keep going like this, they'll be the size of dinner plates and look vaguely like the kachina Tawa, and that would be silly.

I'll probably put this one up on e-bay, so watch for links!

ETA: Actually, I'm going out of town Thursday, and a good buddy really really wants this particular color, so I'm just gonna do another one and put it on ebay NEXT week. That way I'm not trying to fill an order in a timely fashion from Baltimore. (And hey, patterns! Moderate repeatability! Who knew?