February 9th, 2012



Kevin got me a new pair of mud boots, called “Sloggers.” My old Birkenstocks had kinda exploded, and the mud boots are awesome anyhow, given how much mud there is in North Carolina in the spring. (I do not have DIRT paths. Oh no. Dirt is for summer.) The boots have enormous flowers all over them. Kevin got them for me with the understanding that if I wear them in public, he is allowed to call the people at What Not To Wear. I agreed to these terms, as they are fair. The boots are wonderful, but quite, quite hideous. Gardening is a fundamentally frumpadelic-activity, though, and I enjoy them enormously in their place.

The weather continues to be freaky weird. We’re getting down to 18 degrees this weekend. It was 70 a little while ago. I am hoping that this will kill off any ticks that decided to come out, but fear for its effect on my established plants. I’m less worried about the seeds. Most of the seeds I’ve planted out have A) not sprouted yet and B) tolerate frost, and even if they are killed horribly by a hard ground freeze…darn. I’ll have to re-open the seed packet. (Seriously, given the small size of my vegetable gardening ambitions, seeds will generally pass their reliable germination rate long before I am done with a packet. Six scarlet runner beans is madly ambitious of me, and there’s 25 in a pack. I have no idea how anybody gets through 200 heirloom peas.)

Hmm, now that I think of it, a 25 foot soaker hose would be helpful for the one veggie bed before things actually start growing and it gets hard to water…

Transplanted various plants that are supposed to be divided “in early spring, before breaking dormancy.” I think the Dutchman’s pipe might have qualified. Nothing else bothered to even BE dormant. I transplanted it anyway. I’ve already realized that I’m going to have to wait until fall to finally plant my potted blueberries, because they are so covered with buds, (possibly owing to my tentative pruning? Maybe?) that it’d kill me to lose the crop. We’re going to go with that reason, and not the bit where the bed they’re supposed to go into isn’t done because the patio isn’t dug yet because I HAVEN’T DONE IT YET, OKAY?!

I have mulched mightily, though. Well, mushroom-composted mightily, which is sort of mulching. Both veggie beds, a semi-shaded back bed that will soon receive my much abused oakleaf hydrangea, (come to think of it, I need a soaker hose for back there, too…damn, I should just buy a box of those things…) and now I’m starting on the front yard. Except for the bee balm.  If I fertilize the bee balm, they will find that stuff in orbit. The bee balm can suck it.

This year I will finally try strawberry planters, because it is silly that I have never actually done so. The strawberry plants are already out at Lowes, but they ain’t cheap. I’m going to wait and see if the feed store carries any. I have two strawberry planters, one large and one small, and have been reading about tricks with toilet paper tubes to keep the roots of all of them well-watered, but at nearly $3 a plant, I could go out to the pick-your-own place and come home with a bushel for the price of filling in the planters.

This weekend it will be very cold. I will have to wear my Cthulhu hat to mulch in. Darn.

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