March 8th, 2012


Coyote Rainbow

This week managed to be pretty crappy by Wednesday afternoon.  In an attempt to cheer myself up, have a very silly, very fast little piece. Because if screamingly bright colors don’t get you, there’s nothing left but gin.

Prints are available, because prints are always available, and for all I know, this is your color scheme of choice. (It could happen…)

Here’s hoping that all our weeks improve…

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Urgent–Koi Homes FOUND!

So my dad is moving to Atlanta, as I mentioned before, and he’s got a problem.

Namely, a very nicely stocked mature koi pond.

As they’ll be working out of an RV for an unknown period of time, taking the koi with them is not possible, and unfortunately, the koi rescue group that they were thinking would take the fishies can’t, because Arizona is up to its eyeballs in foreclosures, and that means that all the houses with koi ponds…well, you get the idea.

He’s in Arizona, he has thirty fish, he’s got a week and some change, and if anybody in the area or within shippable distance (do koi ship? Does that work? I have no idea…) can take some koi, we’d all be very grateful.

If you’re in the area and want some fish, or if you have a lead with someone who might, please comment, or e-mail him at gvernonxpat (at) (Hell, if you arrange it at the right time and are within sane driving distance, I will personally hand-deliver the fish if need be!)

Save the fishies!


UPDATE: Fishies are saved! Thanks to everybody who turned out to adopt fish—you guys rock! Homes have been found for everybody, (particularly if they can finally catch those sneaky dark-colored koi hiding on the bottom of the pool) and thank you all so much for spreading the word!

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.