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Thank you

Thanks to everybody who let me know that “Digger” was being aggregated by one of those slimy apps making money off other creator’s work. Blargh! Note sent, although their contact form apparently doesn’t allow quote marks in the message box, which meant it took about ten tries and any patience I had with the people involved vanished pretty quickly.

Jerks. I don’t object to such a thing in theory, but if you don’t ASK the creator if it’s okay, you suck. And the only reason NOT to ask is because you suspect you’re doing something wrong. Grrrr.

Update: They promised to take it down, and thanked me for my "polite" request. Since my request did not include words like "please" and did include words like "disgusted you think this is acceptable behavior," I'm wondering if they're being sarcastic or if other creators just sent them pages of obscenities.

Then they asked if I wanted to work with them in the future on something that involved getting creators revenue. Oh, sweetie. If you'd asked me FIRST, then maybe we'd be having a very different conversation, but you've already proved everything I need to know about how you do business, even before your passive-aggressive little P.S. about how it wasn't REALLY copyright infringement, because it was all from my website, really!


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