March 16th, 2012


To Adventure!

Well, my bags are packed, my plane leaves tomorrow, and I am off to the wilds of Arizona to help my dad and stepmom move! There will be packing, and then I get to drive a dog-grooming across most of the country, including Texas. (Oh, Texas…my old nemesis…we meet again!)

This is a serious wham-bam-convoy trip on a tight schedule, so I am not stopping or visiting or going anywhere. I have audiobooks, I have my laptop, and I have an air mattress. There will be three geriatric miniature poodles and a couple of cats. I anticipate ADVENTURE! Or at least packing.

While I am missing Kevin already—he’s been in Seattle this week, and we will actually miss one another by two hours in the airport—I am torn between missing my garden and being somewhat excited to see what nine days of absence does to it. This time of year is so awesome, since you can leave for a weekend and find the garden totally changed when you return. So I spent much of this morning planting stuff out so that it has a chance to establish before I get back. (It’s so warm and wet these days that I’m not at all worried about anybody taking care of it—hell, if I weren’t traveling, it’s been 80+, I’d be planting out tomatoes and frost risk be damned.)

So the plant starts are in the ground—except for a Yucca filementosa I kinda forgot was there—the seeds are all planted out, and I’m prepared to boldly go, etc. The next updates will be from the road! Woo!

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