May 13th, 2012


Summer Appearances

I could totally write this myself, but why, when Kevin does it so much better?

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Here’s where Ursula and I will be over the summer. If you happen to be attending any of the following cons, stop by and say hello!

  • May 25-27 : ConQuest, Kansas City MO

  • Jun 15-17 : AnthroCon, Pittsburgh PA

  • Aug 24-26 : BuboniCon, Albuquerque NM

  • Aug 31-Sep 3 : WorldCon, Chicago IL

And in there somewhere we’re going to Minneapolis MN for a wedding, and I’ll be visiting Bellevue WA a few more times. I’m going to try to drag Urs along to WA at least once more this year, so we can hang out with friends and she can go bird watching with the ever-awesome Tina.

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