July 15th, 2012



I was at a party last night and my buddy Jason told me I needed to post more photos of my garden. So did a couple other people.

I always assumed that posting photos of your garden was sort of like posting photos of your kids—you do it now and again, but the only people who really care are you and your mother. But far be it from me to question!

The nice thing about photos is that I can get the angle so that it looks all lush and cottagey and you can’t see the war I am waging against goosegrass and sheep sorrel. And you can’t see the places where the coneflowers all fell over and the serious lean on the rosinweed and the openings in the middle of the catmint.


This is the good angle.

But y’know, there are more bees, dragonflies, and frogs here than there are anywhere in a mile radius (to the best of my knowledge) so to heck with it. Let it lean! I wasn’t gonna wind up in a garden magazine any time soon anyhow.


And now a close-up!


Cropped to hide soaker hose

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