January 8th, 2013


Can’t Sleep, Con Will Eat Me

I’m in frantic con-prep mode, which is why I’m not saying anything much of interest here. Prints. God, I hate running prints. (Actually, I don’t mind the printing so much as FIGHTING WITH THE PRINTER GRAH KILL SMASH INK!)

But in theory I will be ready for Further Confusion. If the printer holds out. I have about fifteen paintings/LE prints to go to the art show, and while I’d like to do one or two more small pieces, that’s not a bad sized show for me.

I am alternating printing with building a large raised bed in the back yard (the last of the main beds! After this it’s all carving out little chunks from the woods and along the fence line!) This involves moving rather heavy concrete blocks, so I try only to move ten or fifteen before taking a break so my back doesn’t a-splode.

This bed is for veggies. Only for veggies. No interesting other plants. Except maybe a spleenwort tucked in the cracks near the bottom on the shady side. That would be okay. And I could do a trailing partridgeberry. But only veggies on top. Seriously. I MEAN IT.

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