June 13th, 2013


So! That other announcement!

In a secret stealth commando move, Kevin and I got married!

In Seattle. At the house of my birding-buddy Tina, who has been a serious champ setting it all up. During a party with lots of con friends and fandom buddies. A terribly nice Unitarian minister came to the party, did the deed, and we were married in matching Utilikilts. Alaska's our honeymoon. There are photos on Twitter, I think.

(I kinda proposed during the Hugos at the end of the speech. He said yes.)

The minister, Marian, in testament to her awesomeness did not bat a eyelash when Kevin, rather than the traditional ring, had a necklace for me. (I don't wear rings.) It was made of oosik.

You might want to google that.

(Vintage oosik! No walruses were harmed in living memory! An old damaged one cut into slices and polished. It's pretty awesome.)

In fact, she said it was a reminder of how we should deal with...hard...times....and then led Kevin in "with this walrus penis bone, I thee wed..." because Unitarians are just that awesome.

And Kevin said something short and heartfelt and I read a list of random objects I have made him carry over the years, which has some very weird stuff on it. And mentioned Mothman. BECAUSE.

And there was German chocolate cake! And I got a female crossbill on the feeder before the party, which is a lifer! And I got this wacky husband guy and he followed me home and NOW I HAVE TO KEEP HIM!

Be good, guys, we love you all, back in a week!