September 17th, 2013


Goblin Novella cover rough!

So this is my initial rough for the cover of the Goblin Novella.

It’s got a white background. That’s the bit that I am wavering most on.

A) The art looks best on white. So if I want to use this art, at least a chunk of it has to be white.

B) Very few trade book covers are white.

C) That either means it will stand out or look HORRIBLY AMATEURISH.

D) I don’t know which.

E) If I ever do a sequel, it is suggested that it have the same format, which is totally doable.

F) Cover art is mostly to show people that this is the kind of book they will like, not to make Deathless Art For The Ages.

G) Still don’t know if this is the way to go.

H) Thoughts appreciated.


ETA: Thanks to everyone who's weighed in! So far, given all sources, it seems to be running about 2/3rds for, 1/3rd against, with some concerns on the viewing thumbnail on Amazon. (And I had no idea that white covers were generally avoided because of dirt! But I've gotten that from like three different people! I never even thought of that, but of course, e-book only, doesn't apply.)

At 150 pixels high (the Amazon thumbnail size) with a black border, it looks like this:


And y'know, I'm actually pretty okay with that. I've got one rather nice peach version sent in by the awesome batwrangler and may yet waver, but I'm still kinda fond of the white, and the important thing is that it doesn't read as I AM A DIY COVER OF DIY-NESS, which is my BIG concern. *grin* Though I may see if the parchment look works, too...also a great suggestion.

ETA2: With a faint gray border inside the art, intersecting the author name, as suggested below:


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Round 2!

Uberthanks to everyone who has weighed in, and super-duper-mega-thanks to batwrangler for a mock-up---let's try this one more time!

The white version (which will display with black border on Amazon)

And the colored version:

cover3    cover3thumbnail

Which do y'all prefer? (And yes, I'll airbrush out the nipples for the final...)