November 9th, 2013


Random Question

For those of you who have had a scary lump, did you find yourself afraid to even touch your breast for fear you'd feel it again?

I half-expected to be worrying it like a sore tooth, but instead I'm trying to avoid even touching the sides (and when you are over a certain size, this is not feasible--I am sitting in a chair typing on a tablet and my boob is plonked down on my forearm because otherwise I have to hold the tablet out at a weird angle, a fact I never noticed until right this minute.)

And I know this is stupid because cancer doesn't care if you poke it and it is surely a cyst anyway. Still.

(About once a day I try to re-locate it to make sure I'm not hallucinating. I don't appear to be. I had a breast exam three months ago and nobody gets a tumor that size in three months. It's a shame that knowing all this doesn't actually help.)

I'm mostly curious--and thank you, everyone, who's been sharing their stories, because it does help a lot (and probably not just for me!)