November 14th, 2013



One of these days, when I actually have a month I’m not traveling (or weeping gently over the next load of Dragonbreath art) I should do a drawing a day thing. I don’t actually enjoy drawing all that much (I love painting, and drawing is the necessarily evil step TO painting) and maybe if I had to get in the habit of drawing random crap, I’d loosen up a bit and not spend so much time glaring at my sketchbooks. Although I’d want to do it digitally.

(I should also figure out how to set up one of those live-drawing cam things so that people can see my dreadful technique and marvel that I ever manage to produce anything that looks like another thing.)

Won’t be this month, though. Off to Minneapolis to sign Digger omnibuses on Saturday.

Anyway, random twenty-minute doodle.


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