December 5th, 2013


This Is Only A Test


Look who came to my porchlight!

This snouty little fellow is a Green Cloverworm Moth! He's a new one for the yardlist, but I'm posting this primarily to test out the new Squash's Garden blog function.

He feeds on clover, vetch, beans, and a number of other nitrogen fixers, but it's generally recommended that people leave him alone, as he's a very minor pest and will keep beneficial predators fed until the real baddies show up.

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I Was Informed...

...that I do not post enough cat photos.

I am apparently the only person on earth who has this problem, but far be it from me to fail to meet quota!


(I liked this shot because it sort of dramatically shadows Sergei's missing eye. He likes to perch on the back of my chair, overlooking the backyard, if he can't actually be IN my chair.)

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