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Department of Questional Engineering

So I bought these 12 x 12 frames, to fit my 12 x 12 art, like the Lurking Turnip and the wombat-and-gears piece that I will post after the con.

Like most precut frames, there's a panel that fits in the back, and it has two hangers on it, set at right angles.

So, I can hang it either as a 12 x 12 or as a...12 x 12.

I get the feeling somebody didn't really think this one through.

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As a former pro framer myself, I suspect what was done is they just grabbed backing boards that were also used for 12x16 frames (a more common standard size than 12x12), and chopped off 4 inches on one side.

Alternatively, whatever machine puts the hangers on the boards does so automatically, regardless of size or shape, and it would be harder to put in only one, saving the cost of the hanger, but costing time and extra flexibility in programming the machine, than leave it alone for the square ones.

I think I agree with your second idea, but I think the first would leave the hanger four inches off of center...

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