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Department of Questional Engineering

So I bought these 12 x 12 frames, to fit my 12 x 12 art, like the Lurking Turnip and the wombat-and-gears piece that I will post after the con.

Like most precut frames, there's a panel that fits in the back, and it has two hangers on it, set at right angles.

So, I can hang it either as a 12 x 12 or as a...12 x 12.

I get the feeling somebody didn't really think this one through.

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Yup that's what I was about to say.

You should try painting one angled piece, Ursula. Just to frustrate the buyer to no end. ^.^

*laugh* Along with me, as I try to upload diamond shaped files...

Eh, just upload square files and include a 45-degree angle under the picture to show your viewers which way to tilt their heads.

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