October 6th, 2014


Catch 22

My insurance company (Regence, Blue Shield of Washington) has informed me that a Vitamin D test is never medically necessary...unless I have an underlying deficiency.

Which one presumably determines by, y'know, testing for the deficiency. But that's never medical necessary, so they won't pay for it as part of preventative care.

But hey, we have the best health care system in the world! 'Murica!

(I am paying for this test out of pocket, incidentally, because the doctor ordered it, because I have consistently low vitamin D and am on supplements. But don't worry, they're clearly not medically necessary!)

Coming in November!

Well, in happier news...


Coming in November, an honest-to-god novel! This is another fairy-tale retelling, best known to long-time blog readers as "The One With The Hedgehog."

(Seriously considered calling it that, but it's a pretty weird dark story, so I decided against it. Also, if I put the hedgehog on the cover, people would probably get entirely the wrong idea about cute little stories with woodland critters...)