February 8th, 2015


Camera Nerd Questions

Upon request for my camera-loving followers to get their geek on, this is a Pentax K-S1 body, all photos taken with the 300mm zoom lens. (Bought on advice from camera-loving friend!) Need to save up for good macro lens...

I am reasonably okay at framing a shot, from the art side, and I can post-process fearlessly, but there my skills end--autofocus and prayer, all the way.

I am still getting comfortable with the camera, but so far, it's a lot better than my old one--or at least faster, and the lenses are better. I am told that with wildlife photos, good equipment and dumb luck are primary components, and I have the one in spades and can slowly acquire the other.

I suspect I will never be a great photographer, but I mostly aspire to utilitarian "And this is the thing I saw!" so I can live with that!