February 17th, 2015


Snow Day

Against all odds, we did not lose power last night, and having gone and looked outside, I think that's a minor miracle. The weather forecasts for our county basically said "If it stays sleet, we're good, when it goes to freezing rain, we're screwed, and a tiny shift in any number of factors will change EVERYTHING."

We were very, very lucky--it stayed sleet for most of the night here. Sleet doesn't coat the trees and wires quite as enthusiastically as freezing rain does, so the build-up was all on the ground and much lighter on the trees and wires. Trees did not come down, wires did not come down, we kept power all night and it's starting to melt off the trees now.

...the road, mind you, is a horror. We are driving nowhere for awhile. All the sleet that didn't stick to trees landed on the ground and was glazed with ice. It's SOLID ice, not that thin crust you get over snow--this is a dense, heavy, slab. You step on it and it does not go "crunch." There is no sense that you are standing on a skin over snow. It just...sits there.

Well, it has two days to melt off, but our temperatures will sink to -1 on Thursday, and if it's not clear by then, it won't be until Saturday. (This is ridiculously cold for North Carolina, by the way. I am zone 8a. That means that our average low temperatures rarely sink below 16 degrees Fahrenheit. I am gonna lose a LOT of plants over this one.)

We have food and meds and mealworms, so as long as the pipes don't freeze (and we do leave a faucet to drip, just in case) we'll be fine. I anticipate a fine case of stir-craziness by the time the roads are clear, but eh, it happens.