March 2nd, 2015


Long Winter

Well, the snow is slowly melting--again--and the pine siskins are on the feeder and I am no longer gazing into the garden thinking grimly that I will move to New Mexico tomorrow because this weather is just bullshit. I have not been able to do any major work in the garden at all this winter, and I am growing correspondingly doughy and grumpy.

A downy woodpecker figured out the suet feeder at last and has been visiting hourly, so there's that. Thrush-Bob now sits on a perch suction-cupped to Kevin's office window and stares at him while he works. It's a trifle unsettling.

I have seeds under a grow-light, but they are not yet showing germination-y signs.

Kevin started a sourdough starter, which we have named Bob.

That's about all I got going on. How are you doing, Internet?