March 21st, 2015


Garden En Flambe

Today, we burned! The Weed Dragon garden flamethrower is Kevin's nod to yard work. It works very well for frying things between paving stones that would otherwise take a great deal of labor to pull. As it is, I ignore the things and then during the growing season, when the grass starts to grow up in the cracks, Kevin takes about forty minutes and burns everything. (Would that I could weed so easily in the beds...)

Found a slug today. I will resent it greatly before long, but today, it was kinda like those Looney Tunes where the wolf and the sheepdog punch in the timeclock in the morning. "Morning, George. Morning, Fred." Morning, Slug.

The frog-pond is full of masses of eggs. I'm hoping some of them belong to the salamanders, but it's hard to tell.

And that thing happened where you plant a plant, hoping that it will do a thing, and then it does that thing, and then you're a little frightened of how well it did the thing?

Yeah. I had a vague dream that someday my old-fashioned southern climbing rose would cover the fence and get up into the cedar juniper. It's a little skeptical about the fence, but it shot about twenty-five feet up into the tree and there is just this TRUNK of rose stem and suddenly whips of rose leaves hanging in space over my head. I mean, I...err...wanted that...but...uh. I've never grown climbing roses before. I did not realize they were quite so...vigorous.

Found my old garden hand-shears. They have been missing for a few months and now they are muddy and a mantis laid an egg case on the handle, so I think maybe I should just get a new pair. They're cheap and I feel the mantises will resent being dragged around to prune things.

Tomorrow we have another Dog Interview. I am trying to treat this as an interview, not a date. We are looking to fill a position (entry-level dog) and meeting candidates. This one's resume is acceptable, but he must pass the all important on-the-job Cat Test before I am allowed to become attached. (I am still a bit broken up about the Staffordshire, honestly. In a slightly different life, she would have been My Dog Forever and she was so good. She found a good home and that's the actually important thing, but I think I may be permanently scarred. I do not understand how people who dump dogs do not wake up screaming every night.)

So, here is hoping!