April 23rd, 2015


Good reviews, hummingbirds, stone

People are being very nice about Castle Hangnail! It's awesome! (Now, if it just sells...)

I've also got a short guest post up at Nerdy Book Club, in case anybody wants to read my philosophical musings about being the weird kid.

And I saw the first hummingbird of the year! And I have moved over a ton of stone by hand laying paths in the front yard. Something about the jetlag from Africa means that I'm waking up around 7:30 AM and asleep by 10:30. This is not in any way normal, but I'm getting a lot of landscaping work done in the morning. Eventually I'll probably revert, but hopefully I'll have most of the paths laid by then.

And Saturday, at Flyleaf Books, I have a launch event for Castle Hangnail, at 4pm. Be there or be...err...elsewhere!