April 28th, 2015



My mulch shipment arrived! The world is glorious and smells vaguely of hardwood!

Also I was on the radio on WUNC's "State of Things" and they even played a clip from the Hidden Almanac, although it was cut off by pledge week, so you can only hear it on the podcast. Still! I thought that was pretty neat!

(Also, I wasn't nervous, right up until a guy who was also waiting to be interviewed told me that I shouldn't be nervous. That was...not helpful. Still, I didn't swear, and Frank Stasio is a good interviewer, so it all went well.)

And I came home to mulch. Glorious mulch! Only four cubic yards this time, because a lot of the things I used to mulch have now covered themselves in ground covers. Which is good, ultimately, except that I have to actually weed instead of just dumping a load of mulch on top and going "MUAHAHAHAH!"

I am so busy right now that I try not to think about it because I would probably wet myself a little in dread. Finish Dragonbreath 11 art, finish writing Hamster 3 script, finish edits for Seventh Bride for Amazon's version, all with cascading deadlings ranging from two days to two weeks, but no longer. But if I can get through the next week, I may have enough breathing room to actually do a painting or something.

Also, next month, new T. Kingfisher book, trying to get the cover together now (in my spare time!) which will probably be called "Bryony and Roses" and which is the Beauty & the Beast book. Copyeditors, brace yourselves for impact! Probably next week! Ish!

...and in the meantime, I have mulch.