May 6th, 2015



So Kevin decided a few weeks ago that he wanted a kitten.

I can't blame him. We had that bad stretch a few months ago where we lost Angus and Brandon back to back, and then you look up one day and realize that there's only one pet in the house who isn't on senior food and Gir is ancient and resembles baying taxidermy and Emily the Mad, while currently stable and happy, is at an absurdly low level of kidney function, and basically one more bad run of luck like this January could leave the house rather terrifyingly empty.

Our last three adoptions were adult cats--that's generally my preference--but Sergei's the youngest in the house at five and when the issue is that everybody is aging into seniorhood at the same time, Kevin wanted to try a kitten again.

Realistically, he does most of the cat care, so despite my general grumpiness about very young animals, I rolled my eyes and muttered, since DogQuest is still ongoing--mostly*--and took him to Petsmart to look at the spring kittens that need homes.

And of course there were a pair of kittens there. Not actually from this spring--they're both ten months old--but the agency really wanted to adopt them out as a pair if possible, because they're sisters and have never been separated, and I was thinking "Oh lord, not two!" and then the little orange one, who had a perpetual expression of deep concern, curled up in Kevin's arms and purred and purred and purred and the tortoiseshell climbed on his shoulder and perched and purred and purred and I muttered darkly and filled out the paperwork.

(As many times as I have said "It looked sad!" to justify rescuing something in D&D, I cannot really argue when Kevin is melting quietly into a puddle over a kitten that Looks Sad.)

The adoption people said that our vet claimed they could not think of any better home. (Given the excitingly weird medical conditions our pets seem to manifest, our vet is probably thinking of putting a new wing on the practice. But I'm touched by the vote of confidence.)

We pick them up tomorrow. I will post photos then. Sigh.

*We are strongly considering greyhound adoption now, so far as DogQuest goes, but the organization we want to go through has no dogs currently needing homes, but they partner with yet another org, so things are on hold while I research and talk to the group. I am very tempted and everyone assures me that the cat-trainable ones are very very cat-trainable, so I'm gonna go meet some people in a few weeks and have them watch for a dog to come into fostering that will meet our rather specialized needs.

The Front Garden

The front garden got badly out of hand for a year or two while I was doing the back garden. Some stone and mulch and about two weeks of hard labor have gotten it back under control.

This state of affairs should last a good ten days. Maybe even two weeks.