October 11th, 2015


So Much Stuff!

I am home for the weekend, but go back out on tour tomorrow. THANK YOU, everybody who came out! You are awesome! I have enough Red Vines to get me through the week (and maybe a few rough patches after...)

While I was staggering around the garden in a daze, trying to recover my sense of place, I learned that Jackalope Wives won the WSFA Small Press award! I am enormously flattered and grateful. Go read all the nominees--there's some fine stories in that company, and it was an honor to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them. I wish I could have attended in person.

It's odd, really--that story is a juggernaut. But I wrote it two years ago this month, so in my head it seems like so long ago! I keep expecting people to be like "Yeah, yeah, read that. What have you done lately?"

I am not one of those authors who thinks of stories like their children--that's a very dangerous headspace to get to, I think, about things you routinely sell or abandon or must slice and dice and put together a different way! But I do feel on some level like a story has a life outside of me, and once I send it off in the world, it's its own being, which I was lucky enough to work with for a time. And whenever I get a royalty check or we option something or sell audio book rights or another foreign language, or reprints or whatever, I do feel a bit like "Awww. It's sending money home to its dear old author..." Jackalope isn't really sending money, so much, but it's certainly an overachiever in the awards department!

(Maybe this is my coping mechanism for dealing with ego--it's hard for me to be proud of Thing I Have Done for very long, but I can be proud of this weird little story-shaped entity that came out of my keyboard and went careening off into the world to wreak havoc.)

Anyway, off again tomorrow. Pray for me, Internet, or think good thoughts, or whatever!