November 25th, 2015


General Journal 11-25

Not sure what my ultimate goal is with this, but I'm gonna give it a try. I was in a doodling mood today, fooling around with 53's Paper. All these were sketched on the iPad.

I wished I liked sketching more. I really don't. I like painting. My sketchbooks grow dusty with neglect. Every now and then I get this sudden spasm of desire to sketch, but it passes quickly. I used to sketch a lot more, but I'm badly out of the habit, so I can't swear that I'll keep drawing. But I do like doing these little pages.

Yes, it is true about Emily. She also requires subcutaneous fluids every other day, and has licked parts of herself that she can reach bald. The kitty-Prozac didn't work on her, just made her grumpy, and she was so much more cheerful and affectionate and active when she went off that we haven't put her back on. She has...well, a myriad of health issues. But she's lasted a year past the initial diagnosis at this point, and the vet's amazed at how good her numbers are for a cat with 15% kidney function, and she's happy, so that's the important thing.

But I tell you, when she finally goes, I am not going to feel that stab of guilt that so often afflicts pet owners where you think "Was there more I could have done?" I have powdered that cat's butt while Kevin whistles Stairway to Heaven for her. (She likes Zepplin.) We have fought the good fight on this one.