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With the sort of exquisite courtesy one likes in a houseguest, our spider has politely taken down his web this morning and retired into cracks in the wall. (I flailed through the air madly with a stick for a few minutes before venturing outside, mind you, but no web.) If he decides to make a habit of this, I'll allow him to stay. As long as he's on the other side of glass, and the web is gone by ten, he's a beneficial little predator and I have no quarrel with him.

It's weird, but he's so big that he's almost less scary. Small spiders have that AGGH! Scurrying! thing, but provided he doesn't ever touch me, the fact that I can see all of his moving parts clearly makes him almost an honorary vertebrate. It's like having a web-spinning lobster rather than an evil bug.

If only he'd eat millipedes...

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Centipedes eat millipedes...

My bugs should be so polite

Dave Barry would not agree.

I have a soft spot for spiders. At my old job, I used to amuse the other slaves by grabbing a piece of paper and politely evicting them, rather than squishing them like the histrionic females wanted.

You could place -- or have someone else place -- a millipede in his (her?) web and see what happens....

I mush little spiders with my finger. Especially the ones that have the gall to run across me. Big ones that stay off of me...I let live, even in my house ---->pointing to the corner.

Spiders are free to live as long as they do not crawl on me or put their webs in my path. However, the idea of a web-spinning lobster is one that I find very disturbing. I'll stick with my spiny orb-weavers. They look like crabs, but are nice and spider-sized.

Thank you. Now I cannot get the image of web-spinning lobsters out of my head.

Hmm. That must be the sort of spider I have in the kitchen, then. I was wondering why its web seemed to keep disappearing and reappearing over and over. It must be dismantling and... uh... remantling it.

My home seems to have become a haven for all manner of exoskeletal beasts that make a habit of appearing at random in every conceivable location. It's fortunate that I'm not arachnophobic, or waking up to see a spider descending from the ceiling onto my face might illicit more of a response than "okay, you just blew your indoor privileges. Time for you to go outside and think about what you've done".

Spider Intelligence...

We have a little spider that lives in the recess behind the left wing mirror of the car. She seems to have discovered that if she builds her web on the mirror side the airflow brings all the insects straight into it. And she get to see the world, too!

But my absolutely *favourite* spider must be the spiny monstrosity with the three inch leg span and clearly visible, palpating fangs that persisted in building its web in the outdoor toilet of my grandmother's cottage and crouching in the centre, directly over the light switch. At night, it was kind of a choice between the evil you knew (which was often very reluctant to crawl out of the way) and the uknown evil, possibly with a larger leg span, that might be lurking under the seat.

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