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(no subject)

Oh, hey, my Fans! run started today! Cool!


(Given current art state, I am about as observant as a chicken with a hangover.)

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Looking good so far. But then again, you always do. :)

And now to convince the hubby that the Polar Court would look wonderful in the apartment.

it looks wonderful in my house :)

I just wanted to let you know I had a dream the other night where a large group of friends and I were involved in some secret-agenty kinda stuff (although we had to leave our shoes in a row by the street, which became a problem later when Judy and I had to retrieve them, since Judy was in crutches). That is not the point, however. The point is, that at one point when we went out on a terrace of the massive building we were prowling in, it was covered in birds--cardinals, bishops, and priests, to be specific. They looked like real birds, but they were dressed up.

I blame you.

Hehe. The one on the end looks kinda like Bette Midler. X)

I'm so glad I finally subscribed to Graphic Smash two days ago. Now that I've at long last caught up on Digger, I'm working my way through the Fans! archive so I can fully understand Booth Bunnies. It's a great comic (but not as great as Digger!)

There's something about your black and white style that makes me want to try it so badly. Is there any tips you can divulge that'll help my attempts?

Never erase. If you don't want a line there, draw over it in white. Be relaxed. It's all monochrome, it's all just scribbles, there's nothing you can't replicate if you decide to change it.

All hail the victory of T + Ursula.
Not to mention the moment I mentioned your name about "this new fur artist on one of my favorite webcomics" to shavastak (because I knew she'd have an interest), she commented on already being aware of your brilliance concerning Ironclaw. So I am twice-blessed to become aware of your skills. So far, so very good. Hope Con was fun.

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