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(no subject)

Went to the Farmers Market with my friend Kathy to seek inspiring vegetables. The world may yet suffer through the Habenero Slug!

Have managed two paintings a night for two nights. We'll see if I can do it tonight again. Nothin' like a case of Coke to get the Muse in harness...

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Habanero slug...oh, the color. And the slime. Known by sheer contact to blind innocent byplums and denude the taste buds of curious scavenferns.

I hope we suffer. That sounds awesome.

yesyes - please slug us nice lady

What medium are you cranking these paintings out in? One you can do without thinking, surely.

Good luck on getting stuff done in time for con.

*grin* "Mixed" of course! It's about divided between watercolor/colored pencil/acrylic ink and acrylic/colored pencil on the clayboard.

(Deleted comment)
*grin* Sooner or later, I'm gonna have to introduce the carniveggies, and it might just turn ugly...

If I could draw worth a damn, you would completely have forced me to draw a team of vegetarian hunters with those red and black squared outfits, hunting caps and firm jaws grimly set hunting your fruit.
Or maybe prehistoric or native hunters throwing spears through wild cherries that end up looking like cocktail dressings.
Melon whalers!

I've been a fan of yours for years now...like since I was 11...found your lj and just wanted to say hi! and keep up the good work!

P.S. Draw more Gothbat, darnit! *grin*

A good friend of mine was having a Very Bad Day, so introduced her to Gothbat... it is now her nickname and she really wants to see more of them!

Is a durian skunk too obvious?

How about rambutan snails? Coconut bears? Stuffed pomegranate turkey on the table... mmm. *g*

I personaly wouldn't mind seeing a brocolisaurus, the tallest of all extinct vegitables.

Having foolishly bitten into said chile pepper, I think the Habenero slug should leave a slime trail composed of Napalm.

:::grins::: what i would like to see is:

the leechyee (which we in hawai'i pronounce lie-chee rather than that odd [having not grown up with it] pronounciation that's been going around of le-chee...which for some reason goes into my zombie fruit trigger and the butler from the addams' family.) so anyway... the leechyee, ancient asian holistic medicinal slug used to draw out the sucrose poisons of one's body by placing the creature on certain key drawing out points along the epidermis.


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