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(no subject)

Heading to the Con in an hour. Frantically doing last minute prints. Money Frog is sitting in the cash box, gettin' jiggy with the ones. (I'm not taking him to the Con for fear of losing him, but Kathy suggested he might enjoy the cashbox while it's here, and I can find no fault with this.)

I'm on eight panels. I have eighteen paintings, not including the Twigjack, who I'm taking but may not hang, depending on the amount of available space. I have two sculptures. I have more prints than I can shake a stick at, numerous T-shirts, mousepads, and memorabilia. I am extravagantly laden with Stuff.

It'll be fine once we're set up, but the pre-Con packing panic is always a little frantic.

I also thought, not for the first time, that someday I want to write something non-fiction. Like "Digger's Guide To What Evolution Really Means." The cliff-notes, no-nonsense, but hopefully fairly engaging version. With wombats. In hardback. With lead covers. Largely so that I have something heavy to brain people with when they say stupid things about evolution based on things that they don't at all understand. (This is a really seriously hot button issue with me, if you hadn't guessed. I can go from zero to wolverine in like three seconds...)

But enough of this! To lunch, and then the Con! If you're in the neighborhood, come on down!

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i want you at a con in OUR neighbourhood....san diego! hell, even LA would be okay. or frisco. although that's a hefty drive :::Grins:::

(Deleted comment)
Oooh, that's interesting. Reminds me of Oliver.

On a totally unrelated note, Nidavellir will CONQUOR.

(Good for about eighteen seconds of mirth.)

I once saw Stephen Jay Gould speak at West Point, and the meathead cadets were trying to pull the old "durr hurr 2nd law of thermodynamics" thing. He totally pwned them. "Sir, if you understood the 2nd law of thermodynamics at all, you would know it doesn't apply to evolution.

Can I convince you to consider ConStellation down in Huntsville, AL some year? Please?

It's the closest SF/F type con to where I live that I know of. Besides, they've named their cons after such constellations as Musca (the Fly) and Cameleopardis (the Giraffe).

I have the same zero-to-wolverine tendency for the same topic. And I'm a three-year regular in a religion and philosophy discussion forum, so suffice it to say, it comes up. Often. And I have a shortcut so that I personally don't have to repeat the same stuff over and over and over and over and over again. I refer them to the FAQ's at Talk.Origins, which as an abso-friggin'-lutely wonderful resource in disspelling the misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding evolution from a creationist perspective. The FAQ's and articles (and there are an abundance of both) are all supplied with ample references to peer-reviewed scientific journals, and are written in a way that is understandable to laymen but is scienitifically sound (and surprisingly thorough, condiering). You should take a look, if you haven't before, and read through some of the FAQ's. My favourite to start with when pointing people to info on evolution is the FAQ Five Major Misconceptions About Evolution (this FAQ contains the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics issue, too, you'll be happy to discover ;-).


*comes out of lurking* Have fun at the Con! I hope you sell a lot of stuff!
And, most importantly, I hope Sheepy the Nun finds a good home. I wanted Sheepy SO BADLY when I first saw the pictures, but for two things: a) I spend money like a drunken sailor at a brothel, and b) everybody gave me bizarre looks when I proposed that I LIKE wimpled livestock. I think they read too much into it. (Not that b) really mattered to me, it just makes it more difficult to obtain permission to buy the sculpture, had I the money in the first place. My stepfather is not a big patron of the arts, and I have to fight him to buy a commission for my best friend every year for her birthday. But nobody wants to hear me blither, so I'll stop. XD)
Aaaaaaanyhoo. Here's hoping somebody deserving buys Sheepy. ^^
*shuffles back into the darkness*

You should write that book! Sadly, not everyone is willing to wade through "The Blind Watchmaker" (their loss). A cool, fun, illustrated Cliffs Notes version might be just what everyone needs. ^__^

I'm in the neighborhood and WISH I could come on down, but I'm knee-deep in painting supplies and moving boxes this weekend. Have an extra share of fun for those of us there in spirit. ;)

Ursula, I would buy that evolution book in a minute! In fact, I'd buy at least five copies just to give it to all my relatives that need it.

looking forward to seeing you at the con. i'll be spending most of my time in the game room, however my husband and daughter will be cruising the main area of the con. you'll know them by the cheery way they sing 'row row row your boat'. stranger things have been seen at a sci-fi convention.

(Deleted comment)
*laugh* Well, my qualifications are minimal--B.A. in anthropology, generalized animal geek--but I'd be happy to!

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