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(no subject)

Kathy asked me a question t'other day, and I was baffled. However, as always, I have great faith in my readership to answer these burning questions with either truth or a really plausible lie.

Bob the spider comes back every night, builds his rather large web over the sliding door, and eats the bugs that come to the lighted glass. Every morning, he takes the web down like a good little spider and retires into the woodwork so that I can exit the house to water the plants. Bob, having impressed me with his courtesy, and being anyway outside the glass, is exempt from the Wiggler Compact (the Wiggler Compact being that if it comes in the house and I see it, it dies.)

What does he do with the silk he takes down? Every morning he quietly demolishes a rather large web at least two feet in diameter. I realize that spider silk is unbelievably thin, so he could just be making a teeny tiny ball and dropping it, but I wonder. Does he eat it? Play with it? Save it for later? Where does the used silk go?

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Well most spiders eat it (which I did not know until i read the other replies) but wouldn't it be neat if, being a polite and eco-friendly spider, he was reusing it to furbish his den in the woodwork?

Can't you just see him? After a hard night catching bugs he retires to his den, walls papered in delicate paisley patterned silk, armchair and card table made of branches shackled together and cushioned with silk. Bob, in a smoking jacket, of course, sitting with his feet up as he toasted flies over a roaring fire and sniffed mothdust snuff?

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