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Quick Update

The Con continues! Sales are down across the board, but I have virtually no overhead, being local, so no major worries there. It's worth it largely to go to the panels, see old buddies, get the delightful ego boost of perfect strangers coming up to you and saying "I LOVE GOTHBAT!" and, of course, the all important shmoozing. Art sale's going about like I expected--all the smalls, none of the big. I was hoping for at least one midrange sale, but hey, the Con ain't over, and it's not like the work won't sell eventually. Probably.

The one big surprise was the awards--I took three, including, to my profound astonishment, "Best 3-D" for the Little Brown Dude sculpture. This was completely mindboggling, since we actually had some nice 3-D entries this year--I'd only entered because there were hardly any 3-D entries last year, and Kathy asked me to enter my two (and only) forays into 3-D, largely to fill out the empty table space. Also got an Honorable Mention for the pregnant mandrake, and they invented the "Best Humor" category, (I am told) for "The Organ-Grinder's Slug," another one of those oh-crap-I'm-in-a-hurry whipped off little originals that, like the lurking sock puppet, stole the show from all the pieces I slaved over for hours on end. Eh, go figure. Sooner or later I'll learn not to overthink these things.

And yes, images of the Organ-Grinder's Slug, and all the other new originals done for the Con, will be put up after it's over.

And now, to sleep, perchance to dream...

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Cool about the award!

And yeah, I hope you get some good sales before it's over. :)

I read her. I bought the shirt. I showed her to my friends. Gothbat is love. ^_^

the organ-grinder's slug

the images will be available yes, but the original is mine, all mine! mooohahaha! the larger originals were even more wondrous, but sadly beyond my price range. i would like to do my small part by testifying that the originals are outstanding. the magical effect of the clayboard is quite noticeable and the colors in the Seeing Eye Slug in particular, are incredibly vivid.

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