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(no subject)

Even...more...art! Today is Weird Fruit day!


I have not achieved nearly this much this morning as I had hoped, despite working all morning. Bugger. Back to work I go...

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Those are wonderful, but also rather disheartening, since I just finished eating samplings of both of those for supper this evening. My grandparents are big gardeners, y'see, and they enjoy the occasional starchy casserole, so squash it was. The removed the wings, obviously--how else would the fit into the pan?!

On a side note, I was just perusing 'net on a whim to locate your wonderous Irrational Fears comics, so that I could find reference pictures of the lovely Chupa for zany exploits involving the Everquest 2 Character Creation CD and lots and lots of free time. But anyway, I discovered to my horror that the lizard lady had gone missing, without a trace, as though swept under the bed and never heard from again! What could have happened to our hip herpetic heroine? I was finally able to track her down at another site, but the usual haunts--Yerf, VCL, DA, and even your own page--were utterly devoid of her. Well, I did find one reference copywriting Irrational Fears in the disclaimer at the bottom of your comics page, but the comic itself had vanished. What's happened? Is there a logical explanation for Chupa's disappearance, or is there some sort of conspiracy at work...a conspiracy of mammals, perhaps?! ¬.¬

*grin* Yeah, there's a logical explanation. She's moving onto Modern Tales Longplay for a month, and my contract requires her to be taken down for the length of the contract. I oughta post an explanation at the site...

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