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(no subject)

The last art dump!

Eh, the sketch was better...

Wombats and gears--two great tastes that go great together!

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Yay Wombat and Gears...

I hate to say it but I think I'm one of the few people that really didn't care for those veggie-critters. I liked the composition, but the concept never grabbed me

Oooh, I'm always happy to see more Gearworld pieces and wombats are just a bonus!

I am loving the goldfish in the bag. Goldfish-in-bag has become a favorite image of mine since I bought a pair of pajama pants with fishes in bags all over them.

One day, on the bus to LA, there was this mysterious lady* wearing dark shades, red lipstick, and an obvious blonde wig. In her hands she carried a plastic baggie with a miniature shark in it. One of the most captivating images I have ever seen.

Later, we ran into each other in a dimly lit "Out of the Closet" secondhand store. Up close, you could totally see the adam's apple.

But you know what? He still looked pretty in a dress.

Anyway, that's what the "Wombat and Gears" painting reminds me of. Strange associations, I know. Sorry.

Personally, I like the bookend in Hellebore. And she wonders why she "accidentally" summoned the Mystic Chicken.

While I'm posting, do you mind if I occasionally use this cute little guy as an icon?

I love these both dearly, but I gotta be nitpicky about the wombat: Where's that earring attached?

Err...stud hidden in the earhair?

Poor Hellebore. Perfect illustration of the feeling you get when you've just pressed the wrong button or taken the wrong turning and you know it's going to take a good half hour to get back to where you were ten seconds ago.

I'll go for the gears-as-reference theory. Gearworld in the Metal & Magic pictures strikes me as a sort of hushed dream-place where you might see signs of people's presence (the graffiti in the green picture, say) but somehow never actually meet them.

Woo-hoo! I *love* "Wombats and Gears"!!! Okay, I pretty much adore all your stuff but this is a *p*u*r*e* delight!!! :)

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