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(no subject)

A very quick and silly sketch, for those of you who like such things...

Billy Vs. Satan

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Makes you wonder what Billy got... Hmmmm.... Banana?

I work in a Law Library... I HAVE to show this to our Head Reference Librarian, who also teaches Research & Writing.

Heh. :D Small print is something Satan really wishes he hadn't invented...

Hey Ursula, I don't want to get off-topic here (but maybe some of the other artists here could help too) My friends birthday is in september and I want to get her some clay to work with. What kind of art/modeling clay would you recomend?

Any brand etc... would be great. Price isn't really an issue (this person is worth the cost) but several options along with prices and where I could find the clay would be appriciated.


Ah...phew, I dunno. I like Super Sculpey myself, but I'm no expert by any means!

Re: Clay...

You could look online at a couple of art supply sites for Super Sculpey. I use Nasco, which is at http://www.enasco.com/prod/Browse?industry_id=2&seqid=0 but I buy in bulk 'cuz I'm an art teacher and I get a discount. It is listed at $7.20 for 1 lb.
I just looked on bizrate and they have 1 lb. of Super Sculpey listed at dickblick.com for $7.09.

That would make the sickest stationary ever.

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