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(no subject)

Here's that gearworld painting I promised...


Learned a lot painting it. It's kinda funny that despite all this time, I'd never tackled realistic skin tones in real media before. Good to do.

My brain wars between some of the gearworld sketches I've got, and the treacherous whisper that Billy vs. Satan would be a really fun painting...

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Hi! I love the texture on that wall. Also, I don't actually get a feeling of constriction from that painting. :) I figure that if she's lounging around at a cage boundary so relaxedly she's probably perfectly aware of a way to crawl out of it, and anyway, as there's no way of knowing, the wall might only be a few inches thick. But, eh, that's just me. :D

And I really liked Billy vs Satan! Crafty little Billy. Hee.

Two creepiest things:

Yes, she looks like she's about to be crushed at any moment. Except she's not. Except she is. Yeah.

And then there's that blindfold.


apropros of nothing...

... but I felt I really had to say that any webcomic that includes the line "Don't get your panties in a wad! We're rescuing you here!" is well worth the time to read it. The situation in Faans! that you're addressing has been hanging fire for a VERY long time, and really NEEDING a knock-down verbal fight to let loose all that pent-up tension. And poor Mombi is caught in the middle of it all.

Oh, and the painting is cool. :) No, really. The gear tattoo on her right buttock kind of makes the whole thing work, gives it a sort of center to revolve about. She seems so relaxed for a woman lying naked and blindfolded in a tight space like that. Or maybe we just think it's a tight space because we're seeing it from this side, but it's really just an alcove in a wall and there's lots of open space on the other side. Or maybe she really trusts the powers that be, or the person who put her there and told her, "wait, there's going to be a surprise." Although that last makes me think of a recent episode of Monk, where a guy blindfolded his wife, telling her there was going to be a surprise, and took her into the garage, where he smashed her head in with a tire iron.

But maybe that's just the way my fevered little brain works.

I love the way her hair is twisted around the rusty bars, and the fact that the bars all randomly interspersed... the sense of enclosure in the painting actually gave me a feeling of safety rather than than claustrophobia or pressure, but that probably says more about me than your painting : /

This is so off topic, but I saw this (http://countyoursheep.keenspot.com/d/20040403.html) and thought that I had to share it with you. Well actually silverblue said I should, but she was right. The idea of counting fish to wake up just seems so appropriate. One of those things that could only be made better by making them undead fish.

Re: One for GothBat

Dude, goldfish make everything better!

I read CYS, but I hadn't seen that one. Coolness!

Re: One for GothBat

What a wonderful user pic!

Thanks! I don't have Ursula's artistic skill, I'm more of a technician, but I'm not too bad on anything that can be mathematically defined (guess how much of a fan of Echer I am :). It's just a pity there's not enough space in an LJ Icon to get the detail of the original.

(Deleted comment)
Mmm...my little pony goes angst!

The immediate feeling I got was the crushing weight. And that the rusty bars were eventually no match for the woman's inevitable demise.

Nice. I like. : )


Wow, that's lovely, in many many ways.

Email incoming...

I remember this quote from "The Crucible", and the explaination of it stuck with me. You see, he wasn't asked for last words; he was asked if he confessed his sins. At stake was his land, the only thing he had to give his children.

If he'd said "yes", he would have lived, but his land would have been forfeit to the local church, as property of a reformed heretic. If he'd said "no", it also would have gone to them, as he was an unrepentant sinner.

So he said the only thing he could: "More weight."

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